In this article, we will discuss the trends in the BPO industry. There were many changes regarding how people work. Companies chose to work from home during the pandemic. They did this to lessen social contact with each other. Also, there are incoming trends in the BPO industry to keep up with the advancements of technology.

Since 2010, there is a boom in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. Studies show that outsourcing in the Philippines makes up 10 to 15 percent of the global BPO market. 60% of CEOs believe BPO supports their business models.

The Philippines is top five in the world of outsourcing destinations. In 2017 there were 1.3 million employees hired in the BPO sector, which has continued to attract investors in other countries. BPO can be local, national, or offshore

What are the Trends in the BPO Industry?

Cloud Communication

Most companies opt for this kind of storage and communication so that all users can access their work anywhere they are. It can lessen the data storage space in your office and reduce costs in infrastructure and workforce. 

Cloud communication is flexible for everyone. Therefore, users don’t have to worry about losing files or data, because everything is saved on one platform.

Video chat assistance

Many ways of communicating have developed throughout the years. There is an incredible amount of ways to keep in contact with each other. This includes messaging apps, calling via wifi, regular calls, and video calls.

Now “video customer service is coming.” Companies are slowly considering this to enhance communication between customers. This helps strengthen the customer and agent relationship and gains their trust. For instance, customers can choose this option when they have more complicated issues.

Business Analytics

Now that there is a rise in customer demand. There is more data. So, companies need a substantial and quick framework. They can use tools to analyze and manage their data. As a result, companies can re-evaluate where they spend their time and money.

Social Media Platforms

Above all customers seek purposeful interactions. Most customers are already using social media platforms. For instance, BPOs can use social media to see their customers’ activities, which can help them optimize their services. Also, it can help grow their services by improving their marketing strategies.

Omnichannel for Customer Experience

One of the increasing trends in the BPO industry is advanced analytic programs. Omnichannel call canters benefit from statistical dashboards on user interfaces. This is so that you and your agents can get updates on customer experiences.

To sum up the trends in the BPO industry, communication will be easier, and retrieving analytics will become more prominent. The new normal can be difficult for others to adjust to. But for most people, it will improve productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

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