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EdgeRay is a new addition to Ardent Networks’ solutions portfolio. It is a cutting-edge technology company that specializes in developing advanced solutions for the data center industry. The company’s focus is on delivering high-performance, low-latency networking solutions that are optimized for modern workloads and applications.​

The core of EdgeRay’s technology is its unique approach to network architecture. The company’s solutions are based on an innovative concept called “edge computing,” which involves moving data processing and storage closer to the end-user or device, rather than relying on distant data centers.​

This approach has several advantages. By reducing the distance that data has to travel, edge computing can dramatically reduce latency and improve application performance. It can also help to reduce bandwidth requirements and lower costs, as less data need to be transmitted over long distances.​

EdgeRay specializes in providing high-quality and reliable solutions that are designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses across various sectors. Their core products include a range of innovative solutions such as Hyperconverged Cloud, Enterprise Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Cloud Containers, and Enterprise Storage.

EdgeRay’s core products are built using the latest technologies. With their focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, EdgeRay’s solutions are the ideal choice for businesses looking to enhance their operations and stay ahead of the competition.

EdgeRay Hyperconverged Cloud

EdgeRay Hyperconverged Cloud is an integrated cloud platform that combines hyperconvergence and cloud computing to provide businesses with a scalable and efficient IT infrastructure. It includes computing, storage, and networking resources in a single solution, simplifying management and improving performance. It also provides advanced security features to protect sensitive data.

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EdgeRay Hybrid Cloud

EdgeRay Hybrid Cloud is a cloud computing solution that combines the benefits of both public and private clouds. It allows organizations to leverage the scalability and cost-effectiveness of public clouds while also maintaining control over their data and applications through a private cloud. This hybrid approach enables businesses to optimize their IT infrastructure based on their specific needs and provides greater flexibility and security. Additionally, EdgeRay Hybrid Cloud offers advanced features such as load balancing, automated backups, and disaster recovery to ensure high availability and data protection.

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EdgeRay Enterprise Cloud

EdgeRay Enterprise Cloud is a cloud computing service that provides businesses with scalable and secure infrastructure to run their applications and services. It offers features such as high availability, automatic scaling, and data backup, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations without the need for managing physical infrastructure.

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EdgeRay Container Cloud

EdgeRay Container Cloud is a cloud computing platform that enables users to deploy and manage containerized applications on a scalable and secure infrastructure.

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EdgeRay Enterprise Storage

EdgeRay Enterprise Storage is a data storage solution designed for enterprises to efficiently store, manage, and protect their critical data. It provides high-performance storage with advanced data management features, including backup and recovery, replication, and encryption, to ensure data availability and integrity.

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