Zimbra Collaboration is the world’s leading open source messaging and collaboration solution, with over 5,000 companies and public sector customers, as well as over 500 million end-users in over 130 countries, relying on it.

Zimbra includes full email, contacts, calendar, file sharing, tasks, and chat and can be accessed from any device or email client via the Zimbra Web client. Zimbra can be deployed as a traditional on-premises installation or through a Zimbra hosting provider. 

Enterprise Features

Complete email & Collaboration Solution with High Availability

Zimbra provides sophisticated email, calendaring, and collaboration features while being less complex to deploy and manage and costing up to 50% less than Microsoft Exchange. The ability of Zimbra to provide varying levels of service to different users is particularly appealing. Zimbra supports high availability through virtualization on XenServer, KVM, and vSphere. Online backup and restore are also included, including at the mailbox level.

Deployment Agnostic

Deploy on-prem in your own data center, in the public or private cloud, or through a Zimbra Hosting Partner. The deployment options provided by Zimbra allow you to meet both data sovereignty and privacy requirements. For hosting and service providers, Zimbra also supports full multi-tenancy and delegated administration. Through the Class-of-Service feature, service providers can benefit from role-based delegated administration for creating domain settings or limited administration settings per account, a customizable web client experience, and management of end-user features, quotas, and storage policies.

Security Features

Zimbra includes out-of-the-box support for 2-factor authentication, email encryption, secure communications via TLS and HTTPs, and more. Zimbra also integrates easily with third-party security apps.

Two-Factor Authentication: Zimbra includes two-factor authentication, which increases the security of your mailbox by adding a physical layer for login.

Zimbra MTA Postscreen: Zimbra Postscreen keeps spambots at bay by making more SMTP server processes available to legitimate clients and delaying the onset of server overload conditions.

S/MIME Digital Signature & Encryption: Zimbra Collaboration Network Edition offers email cryptographic security services such as authentication, message integrity, non-repudiation of origin (via digital signatures), and privacy and data security (using encryption). 

Simplified and Integrated Unified Communications

Unified communications are built into Zimbra with a brand-new voice application that includes out-of-the-box integration with Cisco and Mitel UC solutions and is accessible via the main user interface. 

Whatever you’re working on, we can help you build it and get it to market faster than you can on your own. Let us show you how.

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Whatever you’re working on, we can help you build it and get it to market faster than you can on your own. Let us show you how.

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