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ANI Build Project Management and Services Group

Who We Are

Established in 2018, the ANI Build Management and Services Group was created by Ardent Networks. Comprising highly skilled and experienced project managers and installation experts, this team excels in managing all telecommunications site build requirements and can adapt to diverse working conditions. Expertise spans OSP (FTTx) implementation, Telco Network Design, Site Acquisition, Support Facilities Build, AC External Upgrades, Project Management, and the implementation of both Transmission and Access Networks.

Unique construction solutions are delivered, with an unwavering focus on delivering value to your business bottom line, and the capability to leverage innovation to meet emerging challenges and keep you at the fore. Whether you are in the Buildings, Civil, Industrial, or Special Projects market, partnering with ANI Build means gaining a proven, reliable, and trusted full-service partner. Industry leadership is exemplified as the vast experience of our people is leveraged to help clients and partners build lasting legacies.

Value-Added Capabilities

We pride ourselves on our extensive capabilities and expert team, which includes:

  • 30 IT Engineers with technological expertise and certifications across Ardent’s product portfolio.
  • 20 Engineers specializing in Electrical, Mechanical, and Civil Telecom Structure designs.
  • 140 Manpower Project Management Team in charge of telco-related installations and support facilities equipment and construction.
  • Construction Team with an electrical background, providing added support for simultaneous site installations.

Solutions Portfolio

At ANI Build, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our portfolio includes:




Tie O Save DFs






Cable Trays

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Design and Management

What We Do

Shaping the future of construction, one project at a time.

Wireless Services (PM and Deployment)

Technical Site Survey and TE Room Design

Our current projects in the wireless space demonstrate our capacity for comprehensive project management and deployment:

  • Planned and deployed 39 new equipment rooms to accommodate new SDN and backbone facilities for network capacity expansion.
  • Collaborated with over 20 CME partners (70+ teams).
  • Maintained an in-house CME and technical engineering department to cater to the targeted new sites within 2020 and 2021.

Access Site (BTS) Deployment

We have a proven track record in Access Site deployment:

  • Installation and expansion of around 200 BTS for LTE capacity expansion.
  • Assisted in capacity migration for 39 DFON Sites (LUZON).
  • Infra expansion (AC, DC, and Transport) for 300 CEN sites (2021).
  • Installation of 80 Spur sites (AN and DN) to complement the new SDN backbone.

IP Routing, Configuration, Testing, and Acceptance

Our expertise in IP routing and network configuration includes:

  • AN configuration and re-routing for 80 sites.
  • Established 70+ DWDM/OTN links from Legazpi, Albay to Sanchez Mira, Cagayan.
  • Migration of 10G/100G International Circuits (Microsoft, Akamai, etc.).
  • Provisioning of In-Line Amplifiers/Transponders.
  • Day 0 configuration for AN, DN, PE, and P Routers.
  • Firmware upgrades and SMU installation.
  • Nodal acceptance testing.

Project Management Services

Our telecom project management services cover:

  • Project management
  • Site survey and site engineering
  • Site implementation (installation, testing, commissioning, and integration of Cisco SDN, DWDM, Packet BB, and Metro Nodes)
  • Nodal and provisional acceptance
  • Circuit migration
  • Documentation (Technical Site Survey Report, As-built, PAC, FAC, MoP)
  • Importation and warehousing
  • Delivery to site

Wireless Transmission Capabilities

ANI Build has the capability to manage and implement microwave (MW) solutions, offering services such as:

  • IP/MW transmission planning
  • MW installation and commissioning
  • Deployment and optimization of links
  • SAQ services

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