The healthcare systems all around the world were tested during the unexpected virus brought upon us. No one was prepared for COVID-19. But because of the pandemic, adjustments needed to be made to cope up with the numerous patients suffering from the virus.

Ardent Networks Inc. has always been prepared when it comes to the advancements of technology. We work with global brands that are offering leading-edge technology solutions in the IT market, this includes the healthcare industry.

We have solutions that can improve patient care.

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Barcode Scanners

We provide handheld scanners that help your healthcare workers deliver better patient care experience. The scanners can reduce error-proof tasks such as patient identification before procedures and upon admission. It is important to identify your patients to see their history and to understand the next steps to treat them. They come with wires or without wires and, are built with cutting-edge technology. The scanners can withstand multiple falls, charge fast, and can be used numerous times. Each scanner is made specifically to cater to any kind of environment.

Uninterruptible Power

A hospital or clinic must have electricity running 24/7. There must be no downtime or disruptions with the power. We offer affordable and efficient UPS solutions. A UPS can protect your equipment from getting damaged when you lose power as your equipment won’t be turned off properly. Save lives and have enough time to turn off your equipment!

Data Center

We are aware that you have critical equipment that you need to operate at any time. A data center solution helps store your critical application’s data. Our solution is our all-in-one data centers that combine power, cooling, monitoring, and racks. You can get your data center tailored to your specific needs. For example, they can be pre-engineered, pre-configured, pre-tested and pre-validated.

Network Infrastructure

Improve patient care with good quality network infrastructure. With our network infrastructure solutions, you can have better connectivity between all your necessary equipment, devices, the internet, and more. It will lead to a convenient way to look after your patients. We are partnered with several brands that offer a range of products to help build your network infrastructure. Not only do we offer routers, but we also offer fiber patch cords, switches, and access points.


Patient confidentiality is important and so is protecting their data. But what happens if your system is breached? You need to be prepared for cyberattacks or malware attacks. The only way to do this is to have a strong security system. We provide attack simulations that can identify the gaps in your system that can be hacked by cybercriminals. We also have solutions that can prevent your patients’ data from getting into the wrong hands.


A lot of equipment might need an internet connection to operate. That is why routers are a must when upgrading technology in your hospital. You can choose routers that have wires or no wires. Having a good internet connection in a hospital can make so many things easier for everyone. It will be faster to research, locate data, save data, and so on. A router can help enhance the productivity of your health workers.


Hospitals have reached their maximum capacity, and most of them are COVID patients. But what about those who need to get checked up? Teleconsultations have become more common during the pandemic. This is to avoid those who do not have COVID contracting the virus when they visit hospitals. Teleconsultations are useful for minor checkups and especially for those who need to see a psychiatrist or psychologist. Collaboration solutions can make teleconsultations possible. They can improve communications between the patient and physician.


In a hospital, there needs to be clear communication all the time. It is crucial not to miss out on any details. Our solution for this is telephony. We offer telephony that has multiple functions, uses the cloud, can support multiple devices, has one-touch dialing, and so much more. Our telephony can make communication between a healthcare worker and a patient quick, easy, and convenient.

Whatever you’re working on, we can help you build it and get it to market faster than you can on your own.

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Whatever you’re working on, we can help you build it and get it to market faster than you can on your own. Let us show you how.

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