The oil and gas industry is the most predominant sector in the world. It generates $3.3 trillion in revenue per year. Therefore, this industry must have all the supplies and equipment they need to continue progressing. Otherwise, many things in your everyday life will deeply affected.

Ardent Networks does not exclude any industries. Their solutions cover all industries, which is especially important now that technology is used for nearly everything.

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Unified Communications

All industries have back end, where they communicate with their team or clients and customers. Communication is important for an efficient and productive flow of work. Such as meeting customer demands, solving issues, and making sure everything runs smoothly. Ardent has all kinds of solutions to improve communication on all your devices, all you need is Wi-Fi. You can voice call, video call, and chat all in one platform.

Network Infrastructure

We acknowledge the importance of time in the oil and gas industry. Delays can cause havoc for cities and even countries. That is why everything should be running efficiently. Network infrastructure is important in providing you with secure and reliable wi-fi and connections. You need a strong infrastructure so that your equipment can survive critical working environments. We provide solutions such as access points, switches, routers, and cables.

Barcode Scanners

Increase the capacity of your workers with our scanning solutions. You can find the perfect scanner for your environment. Our scanners are durable and use the latest trends in technology. You can opt for wired or wireless devices with Bluetooth technology. They have a short charge time but can be used for hours and can withstand multiple falls, in case of any accidents.

Business Analytics

You must understand the data of your company. So that you can work on improving your services and products. With our solution, your team can access data on any device and monitor your analytics to see where things are not working. When you understand your data you can see where you need to place more money and time. You can also maintain the efficiency of your processes.


There must be no disruptions in the oil and gas industry. Cities and countries can be affected. Cyber threats are very common nowadays, and so the best solution for this is to prevent cybercrimes. We offer a range of cybersecurity solutions. There are attack and simulation platforms to identify gaps and strengthen your security systems. There are firewalls and supporting devices to ensure you are protected all the time.

Whatever you’re working on, we can help you build it and get it to market faster than you can on your own.

Let us show you how.

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Whatever you’re working on, we can help you build it and get it to market faster than you can on your own. Let us show you how.

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