In the past two years, you’ve probably invested in building your home office, commuted less and, of course, had more time with your family. Unfortunately, for some, it will all soon end.

Last March 7, 2022 we all received news that most of you were probably dreading, April 1 return-to-office deadline bucked by BPOs. Companies will soon open up their offices to their employees and will no longer be working from home.

However, many companies may still continue to work from home after the pandemic and instead adapt to a hybrid work setup.

But let’s talk about what business owners can expect to happen and what risks to look out for once they start to use a hybrid setup.

Opportunities for a Hybrid Setup

The biggest concern for working remotely was if people would collaborate with each other properly. However, according to Apollo Technical, productivity actually increased. This is because people had better working environments, and worked more because they took less sick leaves and worked longer hours. Work satisfaction and attrition rates also improved when workers shifted to remote work.

Now that people have the option of working from or the office. They can choose whatever helps them work productively. They may choose to work from home because they can do their particular task at home instead of the office. Then, for others, they may choose to go to the office because they feel they will work efficiently rather than just going to the office to be present.

Risks For a Hybrid Setup

Opportunities are great for everyone, but of course, there can also be some risks. Business owners should take into consideration their employee’s health to ensure they are healthy and have enough energy and motivation to keep up their productivity.

So, what are the risks? Sometimes remote work can lead to stress and burnout because your employees are available for longer hours. They may have to attend to emails or calls outside of work hours because they are at home more often. This can lead to back and eye problems because they are on their devices all the time and are sitting down longer, especially now that they don’t have to travel to the office.

It is important to understand the needs of your employees and what works best for them. A great way to understand the needs of your employees is by having evaluations or surveys. This helps you as a business owner understand what changes need to be made to help keep your employees satisfied and more efficient with their tasks.


So, why will work from home continue after the pandemic? It has become the new normal, and it has proven to work for several companies. But before you get your employees to return to the office. There are still many factors to consider. For many companies, a hybrid setup can help with productivity and efficiency. It is important to keep all these factors listed above when coming to your decision.

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Here’s What You Need For a Hybrid Setup


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