In the past two, years we’ve seen the effects the pandemic has brought upon us worldwide. Industries had to shut down. But many businesses have had to quickly adapt to technology. Technology trends during the pandemic emerged to help businesses continue operations and prevent the spread of the virus. It has helped people try to go on about their daily lives but lessen interactions with each other.

Technology trends during the pandemic are ready to stay. Here’s what they are. If you haven’t already, consider transitioning your company. Stay in trend and improve your business operations with these technology trends.

Technology Trends During the Pandemic

1. Online Entertainment

Last year new streaming video services emerged. Cinemas temporarily closed and people were in lockdown, so were forced to stay at home. During the pandemic, well-known studios created their own streaming services. This includes Disney, Universal and Warner Bros, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon.

Digital video-on-demand increased the digital entertainment industry revenue by 31%. It garnered $61.8 billion in revenue around the world. According to Forbes, Digital media accounted for over three-quarters of total theatrical, home/mobile entertainment revenue.

2. Online Shopping and Contactless Payments

There has been a dramatic shift in consumer behavior since COVID_19. Consumers are relying heavily now on the digital world. And companies have had to adapt their strategies and shift toward digital transformations.

First of all, consumers are buying more things that they need online, such as groceries, sanitizers, toilet paper, and so on. Then for those who do visit stores physically have the option to use their smartphones. Customers can use apps on their phones to scan their items.

Amazon has introduced Amazon Go. All you have to do is scan to enter the store using the Amazon App, pick up your items and walk out of the store. There are no counters or grocery clerks.

3. Distance Learning

Many countries have introduced different types of learning tools. Each tool helps students and teachers continue learning without having to see each other face to face. In India, they have free live classes on their platform the Byu’s Learning App. Students can select their preferred topics and can learn at home through interactive live lessons. They can watch engaging videos and revise from multiple practice tests on the app.

On the other hand in Singapore, they have Lark, a collaboration suite. This suite offers unlimited video conferencing time, auto-translation capabilities, real-time co-editing of work, smart calendar scheduling, and more.

4. Remote Work

Offices had to close. But many companies could still operate through the use of technology. These are things like virtual meetings, collaboration tools where you can chat, video call, or voice call your team.

The use of technology for remote work can still continue even when things return to “normal” according to McKinsey Consumer pulse surveys conducted around the world.

5. Telehealth

Hospitals have reached their maximum capacity due to COVID-19 victims. This leaves little to no room for non-covid patients. Telehealth is one of the solutions for everyone else to get checked up without coming face to face with a doctor.

Telehealth includes the use of technology to provide healthcare from a distance. A patient can communicate with a health care provides via phone call or video chat. There is remote patient monitoring, a surgeon using robotic technology, sensors for people with dementia, online videos for tutorials, and notifications for reminders of appointments


The five technology trends during the pandemic are the most common advancements around the world. It has helped nearly all industries get back on their feet again. These technology trends are here to stay and will only improve as the years go on.

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