Last year in March 2021, the Philippines followed countries around the world in locking down the entire island to stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). No one knew what would happen in the future and how long the lockdown would be.

Due to the sudden lockdown, all kinds of businesses had to adapt to continue operating. Small businesses to Enterprises had to find ways to continue their productivity outside of their offices. That is where collaboration tools come in.

What are Collaboration Tools?

They are tools that can help your team communicate with each other no matter where you are located. They can be used for one-on-one virtual meetings or conferences with as many as 500 participants.

A collaboration tool is an all-in-one platform where you can share files, create tasks, chat, integrate email platforms and calendars. Technology has never been better as you and your team members, clients, or customers can always be in touch and communicate proficiently rather than going through a whole process.

A collaboration tool puts everything together in one platform and safely allows you to continue working no matter where you are. It is perfect for any size of a company that is transitioning or already working remotely.

If you haven’t used a collaboration tool before, this article can help you decide why you and your company should start using one now.

Here we have listed down five reasons why collaboration tools can help you:

Benefits of Collaboration Tools

  • Improves Communication

Communication is key to produce high-quality work and seamless productivity. The features of a collaboration tool can make it easy to find files and share them in real-time plus it can also help you go back to conversations through the chat history. Having files and chat history can make it easier for an employee to locate important information.

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction and Experience

A virtual meeting allows faster and efficient communication with your clients and customers without having to step outside your home. Your company can minimize travel costs and have video calls instead. You can use the money allocated to travel costs to train your employees, where they can learn and improve their skills for a swift working environment for everyone.

  • Helps Your Team Organize Everything

Emails can get lost or you can lose track of what your team members are doing. But with collaboration tools, everything is all in one platform. You can send a message without having to compose any long emails to get your job done faster than usual.

When using these tools you can also create tasks or get updates daily or weekly to stay on track with what tasks are assigned to people and what they are currently working on. This means fewer delays and you can move from one task to the other.

  • Saves Money

No need to spend on travel or coffee shops to meet up with people. Now you can drop someone a chat, schedule a video conference meeting to communicate with clients, or align your team members.

You can benefit from a collaboration tool as it opens up a whole new level of communication for all members of your team. Your money can be spent on more important things, while everyone gets busy with their more important tasks.

  • Improves Security

Technology has helped in creating platforms that are secure for everyone online. We’re all aware of the risks of sharing important information and files especially with an increase in cyber attackers. But collaboration tools provide you and your employees with tools that have built-in security and privacy features. You no longer have to worry about hackers getting ahold of any important information.


All types of companies can benefit from a collaboration tool as they bring your team together. Now that you’ve read the five reasons why collaboration tools can help you, your communication issues are automatically solved. You and your team can continue to give your best efforts eliminating small problems and focusing on more important tasks. Now you have fewer worries and more time, creating a productive environment for everyone. Increased productivity means better quality of work!

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