Avaya Spaces™

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See What You Can Do with Avaya Spaces™

The nature of work is ever changing. Right now, it’s more fast-paced, less predictable. Avaya Spaces is how to handle your usual tasks, but also the unplanned and new-priority work that arrives nearly every day. Work from anywhere and still show up.

Keep Things Moving

You can get an alert when someone chats or posts an item in one of your spaces. So, it's easy to stay on top of fast- moving projects and stay in touch with team members everywhere.


Update the Team

Launch an ad hoc or scheduled HD video conferencing meeting to bring everyone together, share, and collaborate "In person."

See it All at a Glance

Every day, open your Avaya Spaces dashboard for a quick look at your project spaces, messages, and tasks. This is home base for all your work.


A Cloud-Based, Team Collaboration and Meeting Tool


Avaya Spaces is a cloud-based team collaboration and online meeting tool with messaging, audio and video conferencing, file sharing, and more in an easy to use application that you can access from anywhere. Use it on your laptop at work, your tablet at home, or your phone on-the-go. For teams that need an effective way to enable communications, manage tasks, and be more productive without being overwhelmed by email, Avaya Spaces provides the right balance of features and simplicity.


Work from Anywhere and Still Show Up

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