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Now is the perfect time to get your share of this opportunity. Your customers are embracing mobile, social, and video solutions as part of how they work—every day. New collaboration solutions and devices are driving accelerated business change. There is a great opportunity for you to capture new markets and new revenue. Your customers need cost-effective collaboration solutions to help them connect, engage, and grow their business.


The new Cisco Collaboration portfolio and campaign is the answer. It supports you in positioning the innovative, award-winning collaboration and communications solution that your customers are looking for. In this new and fresh campaign, you’ll find everything you need to market and sell Cisco Collaboration solutions. 

Collaboration advances healthcare

Access vital data

Physicians can view electronic medical records, CT scans, X-rays, and other data through digital collaboration, including the option of face-to-face videoconferencing.

Interact with professionals

Physicians, nurses, and medical specialists can collaborate over distance with videoconferencing and white boarding that can help speed decisions.

Connect with patients

Using video to connect with patients in different locations helps provide face-to-face personal care. Patients can access specialist care without travel, even from home.

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How can HR Benefit?

Interview over video

Use video interviews to reduce hiring cycle times and expand your candidate pool by eliminating geographic restrictions.

Use Webex to manage nontraditional employees

Bring together geographically dispersed teams and use online meetings to do regular check-ins. Streamline onboarding by securely sharing files and chatting, all in one place.

Support employee development

Use video for onboarding and ongoing development. Record and publish training, and identify learning paths based on roles and goals.

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Retailers and shoppers embrace technology

Empower associates

Do their jobs better, and, in turn, help managers to attract, develop, and retain the best talent.

Collaboration unifies teams

Most shoppers use technology to make purchasing decisions. Retailers use collaboration tools like video conferencing and white boarding to train sales associates.

Video enhances meetings

Satisfying today’s digital-savvy consumers requires collaboration. Videoconferencing allows retail teams and partners to meet on any device, in small groups or large gatherings.

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Collaboration for Government

Collaboration improves efficiency

Use collaboration technology to improve operational efficiencies and save budget.

Connect with employees and the community.

Align communication and create a flexible, collaborative, and connected system with collaboration tools.

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Improve efficiency and expand services for Financial Services

Secure customer loyalty

Customers want faster responses and personalized care. In the financial services sector, where speed and security are crucial, collaboration options differentiate companies.

Promote teamwork

Conferencing tools simplify collaborating with clients and co-workers. Interacting face-to-face with customers, business partners, and colleagues improves meetings and efficiency.

Build trust with better communication

Financial services teams benefit from unified communications, from desktop collaboration to conference rooms. Customers and clients expect options that expedite transactions.

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