Do you want to be productive at home and in the office? We have good news for you, a set of noise-canceling headphones or headset is the best solution. We understand that it is important that you don’t have any distractions and can communicate properly. But first, learn about what are cancellation headsets.

Noise-canceling is related to two different technologies. Before the 2000’s it benefited your caller and did not help users. Your caller would not hear 75% of your background noise. Then in 2015 Hybrid and Active noise-canceling headsets were introduced. These headsets by then would reduce the user’s background and they would have clearer phone calls.

Depending on your line of work or what is it you want, you can choose to have the right noise-canceling headphones or headset, or speaker. For those of you who have to answer many calls can opt for a Bluetooth headset. There are options for a monaural (one ear only) or stereo (two ears), and a good quality noise-canceling microphone. You want to be able to speak clearly while also understanding everything a person is saying so that you don’t miss out on any important details.

When looking for the best suited noise-canceling headphones or headset look for those that have an outward-facing microphone. This can help cover up any background noises such as people talking, construction, traffic, and so on.

There are many features to consider when you purchase the right noise-canceling headset or headphones. Have a budget in mind prior to buying a pair, then find out if it will be compatible with your desk phone, VoIP computer softphone, mobile apps, and Bluetooth devices.

Difference Between Noise-Canceling Headset and Headphones

The term headset and headphones have been mentioned a few times and you’ve probably heard it elsewhere. But you are probably wondering, what are noise cancellations headsets and headphones? It is important you know the difference so you can find the perfect pair for your home or office setup.

A headset has an attached microphone that is predominantly used in video conferencing or video calls. They are a preferred option for computers and telephones. These can come with Bluetooth and has a microphone to give you a better call experience. Headsets give you amazing audio and have an impressive frequency in the mid-range. It also allows you to have calls without any disturbances. However, picking good-quality headsets is still important to avoid any issues with the sound. You should also check if the microphone is detachable or not so that it is multi-purpose depending on what you wish to use it for.

A headphone has an integrated microphone that is not attached or seen. This is used more for listening to audio. You will get impeccable sound quality and the background will be blocked to give you an amazing experience when listening to music. You can also find headphones with Bluetooth technology and microphones if want to take calls from time to time.

What is the difference between Active and Hybrid Technology?

In the past, your only options for noise-canceling headphones were passive or active. Passive noise-canceling headphones have a natural shape for your ears and block out background noise, and they don’t require a battery. Active noise-canceling headphones are sophisticated and focus more on blocking harsh sounds. On the other hand, they have built-in microphones.

Nowadays you have hybrid noise-cancellation headphones that use microphones to detect ambient noise and then remove them. Hybrid headphones also give you the option to have the microphone on the outside or inside of the earcup.


In conclusion, we have given you a breakdown of headphones and headsets showing you the features to look at when you choose to purchase them for your home office or organization. Depending on what kind of industry you’re in or what your users will be using them for most of the time, you now have a better understanding of which one can help improve productivity when working.

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