Security is critical in keeping your employees and valuables safe. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras are now widely available for everyone, whether you have a business or want to protect your home. There are more than 25 million operational CCTV cameras worldwide, and experts believe that using CCTV cameras in the vicinity can prevent approximately 67 percent of business burglaries.


If you do not already have CCTV cameras in your office, there are numerous advantages to installing them. Continue reading to learn about the importance of CCTV cameras in business and the different types of CCTV cameras.


Criminal Evidence

Crimes can occur at any time and are sometimes unavoidable. However, it is critical to record exactly what occurred at the scene. CCTV footage is useful in solving crimes and bringing them to court. Jurors or judges will want evidence of the crime, and CCTV footage is the best proof of what happened and who was involved. As a result, it is critical that your CCTV cameras are always on and recording to capture any crimes committed.


Employee Productivity

Owners and managers may not have the time to supervise their employees. CCTV cameras can assist in monitoring employees to ensure that they are working when they are supposed to be. Employees have been shown to work harder when they are monitored by CCTV cameras. You can use the cameras to ensure that your employees are productive, and if you notice them sitting idle for an extended period, you can evaluate them. Use the CCTV camera to your advantage by limiting it to only productivity purposes.


Prevent Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is currently a major issue all over the world, with women being particularly vulnerable. It is critical that you, as a company, create a safe working environment for all of your employees by catching those who commit such acts. It will also assist your company in conducting the appropriate response if it occurs, and a CCTV will assist in determining what occurred and who was involved.


Improve Your Customer’s Experience

Customers may feel safer if they notice CCTVs in the store because they know that crimes will be limited or that they will be protected. It is also a great way to observe your customers’ behavior so that you can improve their shopping experience.


Now that you have a few ideas on why it is important to have CCTV cameras in your working space. It’s time to learn about CCTV camera types.


Dome Camera

These cameras can be found both indoors and outdoors. It is best used in Night Vision and Vandal Proof Cameras. This type of camera allows you to protect your surroundings from tampering and light blows. A dome camera is typically installed in high-traffic areas such as apartments or school hallways.


Bullet Camera

Bullet cameras are perfect for long-distance views. They are designed to be highly visible and are usually placed outdoors. This camera is water, dust, and dirt proof. It is best used for manufacturing, property management, and farming industries.


C-Mount Camera

Because of their ability to change lenses for different applications, C-Mount cameras can capture video beyond 40ft. It is primarily used indoors and, due to its size, is highly visible.


Day/Night Camera

A day and night camera should be your first choice if you require 24-hour security. Even in low-light situations, this camera can record in color and black and white. You will receive clear video images in a variety of sizes. Infrared capability is available on both day and night cameras.


PTZ Camera

PTZ camera means pan, tilt, and zoom. It offers wide-area coverage, positioning systems, anti-corrosion cameras, and explosion-proof cameras. You can find specialized cameras that have many features like these that can withstand harsh to extreme environments. They are mostly used in transportation, government, city surveillance, and others that require durable cameras.


There is a lot to consider before purchasing a CCTV. We hope that after reading this article, you will understand the significance of CCTV cameras and the types of cameras to look for. Before purchasing CCTV cameras, remember to evaluate your space, needs, and budget.


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