Let’s discuss the “new normal.” Why? Well, because it’s here to stay and you should know and prepare for what’s to come in the future. The pandemic forced businesses to shut down and work from home. We all had no choice but to adapt and lessen the spread of COVID-19.

The new normal is the changes made due to the pandemic. This includes working from home, teleconsultation, online payments, bank transfers, virtual classes, and so on.

We all benefited from the new normal somehow. It brought more time for your loved ones, more time for hobbies and interests, spent less money at home, ecological sustainability, positive changes in education, and so much more. Although, it was difficult to make adjustments all industries have benefited from the new changes surrounding us.

However, everything has its downsides. So, what are the downsides now that more people are working from home? Cyber-attacks.

Businesses have faced new challenges as they shifted to remote work and work-from-home setup. Companies must move swiftly and speed up their digital transformation, and cybersecurity is now a major concern.

There has been an increase in cyber-attacks during the period of the pandemic as more companies started using the cloud for storing their data and important information so that their employees who are working remotely could easily access it. However, this has become a big opportunity for cyber-attackers. They see this as a major potential for them to infiltrate and easily steal one’s company’s classified information.

The damages of cyber attacks are endless. You can put your company’s reputation at risk. Cyberattacks could hack into your system and gather data to release it. This is called extortion. They can leak or sell data. And they can use the data and information against your corporation.

Now, who wouldn’t be scared? You wouldn’t want someone stealing your information or giving it to unwanted hands, right?

Stop Attackers Now, How?

Simple. Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT). If this is the first time you’re hearing this, don’t sweat. We’ll tell you everything you need to know and why you’ll regret not trying it out.

First of all, Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing are two separate tasks. However, they are focused on the same area. Each test has its own strength.

What is a Vulnerability Assessment?

It is important to analyze your system. This gives you an overview of your security gaps. So, a vulnerability assessment is a thorough evaluation of your security system. It tests, analyzes, assesses, and remediates your existing security. Ultimately, this is crucial in creating a strategy to protect your security system.

What is Penetration Testing?

Moving on to penetration testing. This is a simulated cyber attack. Surely, you want to see how strong or weak your firewall is? You can do that with the five stages of the Pen Test.

  1. Reconnaissance – This part of the pen test helps determine a network architecture, operating systems, applications, and users.
  2. Scanning – Here is where you find out information from the target. These are open ports, IP addresses, operating system information, services installed, and more.
  3. Gaining Access – Also known as exploitation. It is where you gain access and then control a system on a user level.
  4. Maintaining Access – Simultaneously, in this stage, you document your methods. You can now identify and come up with a recommendation.
  5. Covering Tracks – Finally, it’s time to improve and strengthen your security system with the given findings.

Now you know what Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing is, What happens now?

So, we’ve broken down for you what vulnerability assessment and penetration testing is. But of course, you’re probably asking how do we know if it even works? Is it worth your money? Our answer? Continue reading.

ING has 57,000 employees, 39.3 million customers, corporate clients, and financial institutions worldwide. They already had an established cyber security team and were protected by security technologies. However, they realized that their expenses for their security team did not result in reduced cyber risk.

Picus Security Control Validation Platform activated Picus’ assessment on multiple networks, email, and endpoint segments. They mobilized more than ten thousand attack scenario samples. Picus Library was able to assess ING’s security posture, reveal gaps, and initiate mitigation proactively.


In the end, ING had an optimized defense structure, reduced costs and empowered teams, and of course, lower cyber risk. To download and read the entire case study click on this link.

No procrastination, Your Company Can Benefit from Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Cyber security can affect any organization, from governments to banks, retail, and more! Hence, you need to ensure the protection of your systems. Cybersecurity is the most crucial concern for any technology head or enterprise today.

Therefore, avoid being a victim of cyberattacks right now. VAPT gives you visibility over your security system. So that they can understand the vulnerabilities in your hardware, software, and configurations no matter the size of your business. You must secure your business to prevent damages caused by attackers.

With VAPT you can customize and find the most suitable solutions for your particular security system.

Furthermore, VAPT is not your regular protection. If you want to find out more about VAPT and why you should be getting one today, contact Ardent Networks sales team.

Ardent Networks Inc. is an IT solutions and distributor. They provide the latest trends and solutions in the market and help you improve your business.

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Here Are VAPT Solution Offerings For You

Picus Security

Picus Security Platform helps assess your security system and assists you in finding the best strategy in protecting your data and important information. Find out more about how Picus can help you. Click here.


Fortinet has a next-generation-firewall called FortiGate Network
Firewall. This is an important factor for penetration testing.
Learn more about FortiGate and other Fortinet solutions for VAPT.
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