Yes, you’ve read it right. Brace yourselves for Cyber Attacks have increased. In fact, the Philippines was the 5th country most likely to be attacked, alongside Algeria, Nepal, Albania, and Djibouti.

In 2016, The Philippines suffered a severe cyberattack where 70 million voters’ data was hacked. And now that the 2022 elections are just around the corner, it could happen all over again.

It is important to have a safe and uninterrupted voting experience for everyone. Why? So, that we people’s data do not end up in the wrong hands and so that the right candidate is chosen fairly.

You must do your part for this to happen because history can repeat itself. But with the power of technology, there are steps and precautions to avoid any challenges on the voting day itself.

Why does the Philippines need to Brace Themselves?

Many people on the island lack knowledge and understanding of Cybersecurity.  Also, the Philippines is extremely vulnerable to cyber-attacks due to weak protection systems. The first step to bracing yourselves is to be aware. Understand what, how and why cyber attacks can happen. Learn about how it can affect your lives.

We will help guide you on how a government can prepare its countrymen.

It’s time to brace yourselves for Cyber Attacks have Increased!

What do you need to look out for?

Firstly, learn the threats.

Have you ever heard the term, election cybersecurity? Well, believe it or not, it’s actually a thing. It previously dominated presidential elections, and can most likely happen again. Not many people realize how much technology is used when they cast their vote.

What are the potential threats to look out for:

Information theft (confidentiality attacks): This is when hackers steal data from voter registrations.

Modifying data (integrity attacks): Hackers can change the results of the voters and even the tabulation.

Denial of Service (availability attacks): Usually hackers use DDoS or ransomware. This works by disrupting the voter registration systems.

How do you brace yourselves for potential threats?

Build private wireless networks – A public internet makes it easier for hackers to access information and data. But you can ensure that all election data and devices use private IPs, with 45 LTE/5G networks.

Update Security Systems –  You can work together with cybersecurity experts to strengthen your security systems. Also, make sure that your security systems are up to date.

Use built-in security features – It is important that your routers is also updated. There are routers that have built-in security features that can help with threat management, web content filtering, and IDS/IPS.

Prevent and Protect Now

Now that you’re aware of the dangers of cyberattacks. Don’t let it happen again to your government. You can have a smooth and safe election without disturbances.

Make sure you get an overview of your systems with your cyber security experts. They can help identify gaps and help you make the right preparations. Why not try using Picus Platform? They have an attack and breach simulation platform that can improve your security systems.

So, take these steps now and aim for a safe and smooth election day.

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