Can you believe that there are many common cyber security mistakes companies make? Well, it’s true. Technology has rapidly evolved and so has the masterminds behind cybercrimes. These crimes include highly developed, complex, and effective hacking software.

Unfortunately, the pandemic created more opportunities for cyber threats. And the threat landscape continues to grow expeditiously.

What are the Common Cyber Security Threats?

Disruption. Distortion. Deterioration. None of these three words sound fun, right? But this is what cybercriminals are capable of doing.

What does it mean? Cybercriminals can carry out phishing attacks, ransomware attacks, crypto-jacking, cyber-physical attacks, state-sponsored attacks, IoT attacks, and so much more!

The Five Common Cyber Security Mistakes

Now that you’re aware that there is a long list of threats out there. Here are the five common security mistakes people can make:

  1. Not Consulting A Cyber Security Expert

Sadly, not all IT professionals are trained to combat the common cyber threats today. Cyber security experts will work together with your company. They can evaluate, analyze, test, and come up with a strategy.

There are experts who can conduct a vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. If you haven’t yet read our previous article on what VAPT is and why you need it, read it here.

2. Relying on an Antivirus Alone

Cybercrimes have evolved too much. That’s just it. Before, antiviruses could scan and detect malware or known threats. However, this was during the time when the threats were all similar. But today an antivirus alone, just won’t do.

So, here’s how you can strengthen your security system, start using network security. One of the main components of network security is a next-generation firewall (NGFW). You’re in luck because we have the perfect suggestion for you. Fortinet provides network security solutions for all businesses. If you want the best for your business, learn more about Fortinet’s solutions now.

3. Thinking that Cybersecurity is not very important

Yes, there are still people who believe in this. Some people choose not to spend money on cyber security because they believe that it is caused by cloud services or global connectivity. But maybe they have been misinformed or are not aware that cyber-attacks can happen to anyone. Cybersecurity can be used in any organization, system, or product.

It is crucial to educate yourself and others around you about the damages cybercrimes can do.

4. Not Updating Software

We’ve all been guilty of pressing “ignore” or “remind later” whenever an update notification comes up. It’s only natural if it comes up while you’re busy.

However, updating your software is incredibly crucial. You need the updates to cover security patches in your system, identify vulnerable systems, and avoid long term-infection.

5. Not Having a Backup Plan

For big enterprises, a cyber threat can lose you money. Either cybercriminals extort your money or the steps taken to set up your security system can disrupt your workers. VAPT takes a while to be completed, and in the meantime, you need to have a backup plan where your employees can continue to work. Also, backing up your data and files will keep you less worried.

What are your Next Steps?

So far in this article, we’ve established how dangerous cyber threats are. Then we have explained why it is important, and the what five common cyber security mistakes are. Now it’s time to take the next step.

And what is that? Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Assessment (VAPT). VAPT is the solution to strengthening your security system. It will help you avoid the common cyber security mistakes and guide you in preventing damages done by cyber attacks.

Who are we?

We are Ardent Networks Inc. We are an IT solutions and distributor company that helps solve your IT challenges. We provides solutions for all industries and especially we product cybersecurity solutions. We are partnered with Picus Security. To find out more about Picus Security and how they can help you, please visit our website or fill out the form below and schedule a consultation with us!

We can help guide you, all you have to do is take the step and fill out the form.

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