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With the power of leading infrastructure and engineering solutions across the globe, Dell Technologies OEM is at the vanguard of digital transformation, and ready to help you shake up the status quo. Thousands of customers across more than 40 verticals trust Dell Technologies OEM to build bold. Offering 30+ years of industry expertise, global reach and tailored support, they are uniquely equipped to help you build, and empower you from concept to delivery. For those looking to create exceptional customer experiences, Dell Technologies OEM is the fastest way to turn your ideas into market-ready solutions and bring them to the world.

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The Dell Technologies OEM difference

Dell Technologies became the No. 1 company globally for supporting OEMs with integrated systems by empowering their customers to do three core things:

Innovate faster: Get to market quickly with OEM-dedicated engineering and program management teams.

Build bolder: Confidently create better customer experiences with your brand on their technology, rugged industrialized solutions and extra-long life cycles.

Scale smarter: Reduce cost and complexity by leveraging the power of their world-renowned secure supply chain and services to reach new markets faster.

OEM customers are different. That’s why, in addition to offering Dell and Dell Technologies standard products, they have special tailored offerings that cut it where others can’t.

Dell Technologies OEM solutions help you:

• Brand across your complete solution.

• Focus on your IP and competitive differentiation, not the hardware it runs on.

• Give your customers a tier-1 quality customer experience across the globe.

• Accommodate your lengthy development and testing requirements before moving to next generation.

• Customize your solution for when standard off-the-shelf offerings don’t meet the need.

You want to grow your brand, create exceptional customer experiences and be competitively differentiated. That’s why they create Dell Technologies OEM solutions to allow you to focus on what you do best – innovating.

OEM Standard Offerings

Off-the-shelf technology to get your solution to market fast.

Bring your IP to the world with global access to Dell Technologies’ tier-1 solutions, from desktop to data center to the edge. Dell Technologies OEM is the industry leader in end-to-end technology with more than 30 years of expertise across 40+ verticals. Their OEM product development team understands the needs of OEM customers, and works hard to influence the standard product offerings to meet those needs. If or when the standard offerings don’t meet your needs, they have developed OEM-unique product solutions that will: OEM-Ready, OEM XL, OEM Industrialized and Custom.


Focus on innovation. Not solution churn.

For a competitive edge and confident platform life cycle management, explore Dell Technologies OEM XL solutions that provide stability, visibility and longevity.

Stability: Keep things humming on all cylinders with locked XL processors, chipset, motherboard part number and minimized BIOS change.

Longevity: Take additional time for development, testing and certifications before having to move to the next generation platform with up to an 18-month transition.

Visibility: Plan and allocate budget more effectively with visibility to long-term road maps and 3-6 month in advance notification for hardware changes.

OEM Industrialized

Built to withstand demanding environments beyond the desk and data center.

When your solution extends beyond the data center and desktop, get the industrial-grade durability and certifications you need, right out-of-the box, helping you to get to market more quickly and easily with hardware designed to get the demanding jobs done.

• Industrial Durability: Know that your solution can reliably work beyond the desk and data center, with Dell’s Industrialized solutions that provide: Robust chassis designs, extended environmental specifications and longer life.

• Certifications: Get to market faster with OEM industry certifications ready right out of the box for telco, military / defense, rugged, marine and more.

OEM Custom

The quickest way to bring your ideas to life – and to market.

When standard or OEM Unique offerings don’t meet your needs, make your ideas a reality with OEM custom offerings. Accelerate your ROI and be first to market by leveraging Dell Technologies OEM industry expertise, secure global supply chain, distribution channels and streamlined regulatory approval processes. Your voice will guide the process from start to finish in the defining, developing and shipping of your own unique solution. Built by Dell Technologies’ OEM development team of 100+ ready to help you take your idea to market fast. They will tailor hardware and software customization efforts that span from custom hardware cables, PCBAs, power, thermals, branding, unique bezels, brackets, regulatory, vertical certifications and validation to software customization of BIOS settings and features, splash screen branding, boot settings, security, iDrac settings and embedded OS.

Build bolder. Build better.

Dell Technologies OEM will help you with planning, design, engineering, testing, certifications and future product planning through their team of:

• Mechanical, electrical and software engineers

• CTO and architects

• Program and project managers

• Global supply chain and procurement

• Manufacturing operations

• Customization services

Whatever you’re working on, we can help you build it and get it to market faster than you can on your own. Let us show you how.

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Whatever you’re working on, we can help you build it and get it to market faster than you can on your own. Let us show you how.

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