Future-proof Your Business (The biggest Mistake Businesses Make)

Many businesses try to save money on specs, but it’s a major mistake that will make you regret it later on down the line.

Future-proof your business

Are you setting up a business and trying to avoid small mistakes that become bigger ones as you scale up? Remember this: upgrades are inevitable so you have to prepare accordingly. 

One of the biggest problems plaguing enterprise systems isn’t code-based or software-based, a lot of that has been so refined, it’s human error that’s the major problem. And that is buying solutions that are good for your needs right now and not planning for updates, new software, and other things that will happen as you scale up.

Most businesses are looking to grow and growing out of your hardware can be a big problem. A lot of the time it might seem like a good idea to save on this front, but it’s a trap! What you’ll end up having to do is overhaul your entire system over and over again. This means that you will be losing a lot of hours when it comes to learning, explaining new protocols, implementing new SOPs, and adjusting to new procedures. 

So what’s the answer to one of the biggest problems plaguing new business? Consult the experts. While it might seem like a wasted expense to speak to an expert about your set up and there is the worry that they might upsell you, but if you know your specs and have your goals in mind you should be able to make the right decisions when it comes to your company.

Goal setting is essential when it comes to your enterprise hardware. If you know you want to grow, you want to scale up, one of the major issues to keep in mind is your IT situation. Everything is done on the internet and computers these days and ensuring that your solution fits is paramount. You are going to need more memory, more RAM, and more power as technology moves forward, and having to constantly upgrade means more downtime. So invest in your hardware in the first place and future-proof your business. 

Take a young business owner, she started with a small office and just a few people. While she was starting out she would just buy computers on the open market. She buys the computers that work for her needs now. The first few upgrades however stalled everything as it made those computers work slower. Now what does she do?

The second she outgrows her set up she’ll need to overhaul the whole system and pay to get everything re-upped and set. While this is happening, chances are, she won’t be able to do her day-to-day processes. She’s paying twice, for the downtime and the technicians.

There are lots of ways to save money as a new business, but your computer infrastructure is not one of them. It might take a little time to get a system running that works particularly for you, but it’s worth every penny in headaches you’ll save down the line when it comes to your bottom line.

Don’t upgrade as you need it, prepare for the upgrades that are inevitable. 

We’re giving away some of our secrets here. 

While we would love to constantly help you upgrade your systems, it’s work for us, it’s honestly money you are spending you could be saving. It’s a lot of work and a lot of hassle that can be avoided. Upgrades should be happening periodically and not as part of every year’s agenda. So we’re letting you know, to our detriment, that this is how you should be planning your systems. Prepare for bigger and better things, it’s in your best interest. We’ll take the hit, so you don’t have to! Why not give us a call about planning the setup that will work best for your business?

Snow Schnabel | June 8,  2023

Snow Schnabel is a writer for Journalixm. If you are interested in more articles about how you can future-proof your business, check out journalixm.com

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