The modern workplace today has changed over the years. It is different from what it was like 30 years ago. Many companies have chosen to adapt and create better working environments to increase productivity. There are multiple ways to increase productivity and get everyone to work efficiently in a team.

Email collaboration is something that many businesses have started doing or should explore. This is when all your team members have access to an email. It enables your team to all be on the same page, locate important emails easily, and keep track of everyone’s tasks.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about email collaboration and why it is useful for your company.

Before we delve into email collaboration let’s start with “the impact of email in the workplace.” It is a great way to understand the significance of email collaboration tools.


Email servers are usually free and you can send emails to more than one person. No matter how many people you send an email to, you will not have to spend money.

Sending Files

The best thing about emails is the ability to allow you to send files such as documents, photos, and datasheets. Check first what the limit is for you to send a file, there could be a limit to the files you can send. Also the recipient might have set a limit to the size of the file they wish to receive.


In an email, you can create threads where you can include multiple people. This makes it easier to track and compile messages. It saves you less time back reading as it is all in one place.


You can easily sort your emails into folders to locate and find previous messages. And there is also a feature in most email servers where if you accidentally delete a message the folder won’t be empty until after 30 days. This gives you time to retrieve deleted messages if need be.

Target Market

For the sales team, email communication is the best way to reach your target market. Your customers can choose to receive updates, sales or new items on products they’ve purchased from you. This type of marketing targets your audiences’ preferences and increases the chances of them becoming more receptive.

Why Do You Need Email Collaboration?

Studies show that team collaboration is five times as likely to be high performing. The best way for businesses to promote teamwork is through social collaboration. In fact, many people who are searching for a job look for companies that have internal collaboration. A collaborative workspace can most likely be one of the reasons why employees stay longer at their jobs.

According to Queens University, 31% of baby boomers, 40% of gen x, and 49% of millennials support social tools for collaboration.

We live in a digital era where everyone has access to all kinds of gadgets; other than social media email is still widely used. You can get free email platforms and can be accessed on any of your gadgets. Everyone can communicate with each other with little difficulty.

What Can Collaboration Do For You?

Collaboration encourages people to brainstorm, share ideas, knowledge, skills, and expertise. In doing this you can help each other to improve your work and spot problems faster. Collaboration doesn’t just limit people with the same positions, it can be team members with different tasks that need to work together. For example, in a marketing team, you will need a designer, writer, developer, and more. Creating a space for all these members to get together can help in increasing productivity for your organization.

Learning is an important aspect of growing your skills and producing better work. When you collaborate you can achieve this by gaining knowledge from each other. This kind of culture in a workplace promotes learning and development, which is great for your business.

An email collaboration tool has everything you need to smoothly collaborate with your coworkers. There are chat tools, video calls, calendars, and integrations of apps in one platform. They can also provide security for you as you share files and data across the platform. Collaboration tools solve your communication challenges and save your organization time and money by helping you to be more efficient at work.


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