ADDASOUND is founded in Denmark by a highly experienced team of expertise in electro-acoustics field. The country has led the world’ s sound technology for a century; and the ADDASOUND team, whose members all benefited from solid academic accumulation of Danish universities, have also built an international reputation of innovation and excellence through a series of popular designs. In the past decade, these designs have won numerous major awards in the industry, including Red dot, CES Innovation, etc.

All these are based on our comprehensive understanding, abundant R&D experience and seamless cooperation on sound technology. The awards we have ever won were just an epitome of our pursuit of excellence: comfortable, delicate and stylish, without compromise on quality. This is where our confidence lies. With our innovation and market insight, we are on the way of building a global leading brand.

Our brand “ADDA” is adapted from the poems and tales of Norse mythology “Edda” , while “SOUND” highlights the nature of the industry as well as the vision of ADDASOUND: Sound changing the world. Through our persistent efforts on improving voice input quality, we are making sound serve us better. Thus, we will also be better prepared to embrace the era of intelligent voice interaction, which we believe will play an increasing role in each aspect of people’s life.