Ardent Networks Honored as FY23 Cisco Distributor of the Year

Cisco Distributor Philippines

During Cisco’s Greater Together FY23 Partner Appreciation Night on February 28, 2024, Ardent Networks Inc. achieved a significant milestone by being honored as the FY23 Cisco Distributor of the Year. This prestigious accolade highlights Ardent’s exceptional business performance throughout 2023 and reflects its unwavering commitment to providing superior technology solutions and services.

Receiving the FY23 Cisco Distributor of the Year award signifies Cisco’s profound acknowledgment of Ardent Networks’ outstanding contributions to the industry. This recognition underscores the successful partnership between Cisco and Ardent, showcasing the pivotal role Ardent has played in driving mutual success and achieving shared goals within the Cisco ecosystem.

As a leading Cisco Distributor in the Philippines, Ardent Networks exemplifies high standards of professionalism, expertise, and an unyielding pursuit of excellence. This award not only affirms Ardent’s remarkable achievements but also points to a promising future for the continued collaboration between Cisco and Ardent Networks, driven by mutual goals and a shared vision.

Ardent Networks’ recognition as the FY23 Cisco Distributor of the Year reflects its exceptional performance and the trust and support it has garnered from Cisco. This partnership has been instrumental in delivering innovative solutions and enhancing the technological landscape in the Philippines. The award sets a benchmark for other distributors in the region and reaffirms the significant contributions made by Ardent Networks.

The Cisco Distributor of the Year award bestowed upon Ardent Networks is a testament to the company’s relentless commitment to excellence and its strategic role within the Cisco ecosystem. This milestone reinforces the strong relationship between Cisco and its leading distributor in the Philippines, paving the way for continued success and innovation.