Splunk Products Investigate, monitor, analyze and act on your data with one platform for all your data

The Data-to-Everything™

Bring data to every question,
decision and action.

Run the business in real-time

Splunk gives you the real-time answers you need to meet customer expectations and business goals.

Business Analytics Solution - Free Business Analytics Ebook

Business Analytics

Splunk Analytics Software and Tools are the fastest way to aggregate and get answers from your machine data with the help of machine learning and real-time visibility.

Splunk Insights or Splunk App for Infrastructure:

Insights Infrastructure

Splunk Insights for Infrastructure is our new infrastructure monitoring product that bridges monitoring and troubleshooting by collecting and analyzing both metrics and logs.

Your machines are talking, can you hear them?

See for yourself how Splunk can transform your business.

Thousands of organizations are driving business outcomes with their data
faster than ever before

Use the search language - Splunk Documentation

Insights When You Need Them in Real-Time

Rapid search, a powerful query language (SPL) and beautiful dashboards help you reduce mean time to resolution up to 90%

Splunk Scalability

Scale Reliably Without Stress

Splunk software grows with your needs without compromising performance

Splunk Machine Learning

Robust Capabilities and Machine Learning

Detect the signal in the noise with advanced machine learning, correlation and alerting

Splunk Ecosystem Helps Organizations Harness the Data Age

Expansive Ecosystem

No matter what data you need, you can send it to Splunk to get the answers you need

With Splunk, there’s no need to format or structure your data. They take data in its raw form and let you start asking questions. There’s an operational change, or new systems come online? You can send that data too.

Say goodbye to long and expensive ETL and master data management projects and say hello to the fastest path from data to business actions.

Have you run into these challenges?

Delayed or lost opportunities because your prospect doesn’t have the time to deploy Splunk for a specific use case?

Lost opportunities while a point tool was deployed because the opportunity is scoped to a single use case?

Lost opportunities due to perception that Splunk is expensive?

Delayed or lost opportunities because your prospect doesn’t have the time to deploy Splunk for a specific use case?


Quickly identify the process
problems that keep you from meeting
your goals.

Whatever you’re working on, we can help you build it and get it to market faster than you can on your own.
Let us show you how.