Maintenance Services

Ardent’s maintenance services offer options for clients who don't have the time and enough resources to keep their infrastructure up-to-date.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Depending on what the customer needs, Ardent can offer 8x5x4 or 24x7x4 Service Level agreement (SLA ) – Ardent guarantees local technical support in providing preventive maintenance on the purchase product and solution, troubleshooting, firmware updates and necessary reports as needed by the customer.


Professional Services

Ardent’s professional services organization is staffed by certified professional engineers who provide the following:

Consulting: our consultants can help kick start your project with architecture and design and shorten your time to production while bringing you up to speed on best practices to ensure your long-term success.
Security: we provide the best-of-breed products and solutions from firewall, vpn, web, IPS and content filtering.
Network ICI: installation, configuration and integration
U.C.: communications integrated to optimize your business processes
Project Management: we can help you from planning, organizing, securing, managing, leading and controlling resources to achieve your goal.

Services Overview

Ardent is dedicated to the success of its customers. We provide an array of comprehensive services to help successfully deploy and maintain Ardent products and business solutions. Certified professional engineers and resources are ready to deliver the services that come with Ardent products in the speed of NOW.

Training and Learning

We at Ardent are passionate about training and learning. We give your people the competencies to work on different verticals in an efficient and professional way.

We invite you to learn more about Ardent’ s products and solutions at our product section. We can also facilitate a classroom setup at the comfort of your own office. So let’s get started!