FortiAP™ Series

FortiAP Cloud or FortiOS-managed Access Points

FortiAP access points are managed centrally by the integrated WLAN controller of any FortiGate® security appliance or through the FortiAP Cloud provisioning and management portal. With the integration of the wireless controller functionality into the market-leading FortiGate appliance, these APs are perfect for campus and branch deployments. Fortinet’s Security Fabric enables you to easily manage wired and wireless security from a singlepane-of-glass management console and protects your network from the latest security threats.

FortiSwitch™ Data Center Series

FortiSwitch Data Center switches deliver a Secure, Simple, Scalable Ethernet solution with outstanding throughput, resiliency and scalability.

Virtualization and cloud computing have created dense high-bandwidth Ethernet networking requirements. FortiSwitch Data Center switches meet these challenges by providing a high performance 10 GE, 40 GE or 100 GE capable switching platform, with a low Total Cost of Ownership. Ideal for Top of Rack server or firewall aggregation applications, as well as SD-Branch network core deployments, these switches are purpose-built to meet the needs of today’s bandwidth intensive environments. 

Security Fabric Integration through FortiLink

The FortiSwitch Data Center Series supports FortiGate management through FortiLink, extending the Fortinet Security Fabric to the Ethernet port level. This allows the same policies configured and applied to FortiGate interfaces to be applied to the FortiSwitch Ethernet ports, reducing complexity and decreases management cost. With network security and access layer functions enabled and managed through a single console, centralized policy management, including role-based access and control, are easy to implement and manage. Users or devices can be authenticated against the same database and have the same security policy applied regardless of how or where they connect to the network.

FortiWLC™ Wireless Controllers

Dedicated wireless controllers for the enterprise

The FortiWLC controller series optimizes traffic across our controller-based wireless access points and client devices to support high density, high performance and predictability while addressing mission-critical enterprise demands for wireless connectivity. Powered by Fortinet’s FWLC operating system, the FortiWLC creates and delivers seamless mobility and superior reliability. FWLC optimizes client distribution and channel utilization in both single- and multi-channel deployments, maximizing efficiency to make the most of available wireless spectrum.

FortiWLM™ Wireless Manager

Manage large wireless deployments

Fortinet’s Wireless Manager series offers full management of controllers and access points along with an extensive set of troubleshooting and reporting tools, all in a single pane of glass. The Wireless Manager offers the ability to see the status of your entire wireless network in one place, while also getting visibility into Spectrum, Wireless Intrusion, and other key wireless health statistics.

The FortiWLM Wireless Manager can form the heart of any Fortinet wireless system. It offers the following features built-in (at no extra cost) for up to 50 APs, with licenses to enable more APs as required:


1. Network Manager — Provides wireless performance dashboards, RF visualization, centralized monitoring, configuration, fault management, visibility over long-term trends, and centralized reporting*.
2. Spectrum Manager* — Detects and identifies both WiFi and non-WiFi interference on all channels all the time.
3. Service Assurance Manager* — Delivers end-to-end service assurance for the network and its applications.
4. Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS)* — Detects wireless intrusions using predefined and custom signatures on an integrated platform with other WLAN management applications, PCI 3.0 Compliance reporting. Data Security Standard and Payment Application Data Security Standard now supported up to the latest release.


Multiple platforms are available based upon the size and need of your
deployment. The FortiWLM 100D is designed for small enterprises, and
the FortiWLM 1000D is designed for medium to large enterprises. There is
also a virtual offering: FortiWLM-VM which provides a virtual management
platform that can scale up to 15,000 APs and can be installed within a
Docker in FortiManager.


FortiNAC 500C, 550C, 600C, 700C, VM, and Licenses

FortiNACTM is Fortinet’s network access control solution that enhances the Security Fabric with visibility, control, and automated response for everything that connects to the network. FortiNAC provides protection against IoT threats, extends control to third-party devices, and orchestrates automatic responses to a wide range of networking events.