Expertise from end-to-end

With the power of leading infrastructure and engineering solutions across the globe, Dell Technologies OEM is at the vanguard of digital transformation, and ready to help you shake up the status quo. Thousands of customers across more than 40 verticals trust Dell Technologies OEM to build bold. Offering 30+ years of industry expertise, global reach and tailored support, we’re uniquely equipped to help you build, and empower you from concept to delivery. For those looking to create exceptional customer experiences, Dell Technologies OEM is the fastest way to turn your ideas into market-ready solutions and bring them to the world.

The Dell Technologies OEM difference.

We became the No. 1* company globally for supporting OEMs with integrated systems by empowering our customers to do three core things:
• Innovate faster: Get to market quickly with OEM-dedicated engineering and program management teams.

• Build bolder: Confidently create better customer experiences with your brand on our technology, rugged industrialized solutions    and extra-long life cycles.

• Scale smarter: Reduce cost and complexity by leveraging the power of our world-renowned secure supply chain and services        to reach new markets faster.

OEM customers are different. That’s why, in addition to offering Dell and Dell Technologies standard products, we have special tailored offerings that cut it where others can’t.


Dell Technologies OEM solutions help you:

• Brand across your complete solution.

• Focus on your IP and competitive differentiation, not the hardware it runs on.

• Give your customers a tier-1 quality customer experience across the globe.

• Accommodate your lengthy development and testing requirements before moving to next generation.

• Customize your solution for when standard off-the-shelf offerings don’t meet the need.

You want to grow your brand, create exceptional customer experiences and be competitively differentiated. That’s why we create Dell Technologies OEM solutions to allow you to focus on what you do best – innovating.

OEM Standard Offerings

Off-the-shelf technology to get your solution to market fast.

Bring your IP to the world with global access to our tier-1 solutions, from desktop to data center to the edge. Dell Technologies OEM is the industry leader in end-to-end technology with more than 30 years of expertise across 40+ verticals. Our OEM product development team understands the needs of our OEM customers, and works hard to influence the standard product offerings to meet those needs. If or when the standard offerings don’t meet your needs, we’ve developed OEM-unique product solutions that will: OEM-Ready, OEM XL, OEM Industrialized and Custom.

OEM Ready

Grow your brand and create a better customer experience.

With OEM-ready product offerings, you can conveniently add your logo to our debranded platforms, bezel, Bios, splash screen, packaging and documentation straight out of the factory— helping you expand your brand presence. And if you desire no brand at all, OEM-ready serves as a quick solution to access debranded, tier-1 technologies with global regulatory certifications right out of the box.


Focus on innovation. Not solution churn.

For a competitive edge and confident platform life cycle management, explore our XL solutions that provide stability, visibility and longevity.

• Stability: Keep things humming on all cylinders with locked XL processors, chipset, motherboard part number and minimized BIOS change.

• Longevity: Take additional time for development, testing and certifications before having to move to the next generation platform with up to an 18-month transition.

• Visibility: Plan and allocate budget more effectively with visibility to long-term road maps and 3-6 month in advance notification for hardware changes.

OEM Industrialized

Built to withstand demanding environments beyond the desk and data center.

When your solution extends beyond the data center and desktop, get the industrial-grade durability and certifications you need, right out-of-the box, helping you to get to market more quickly and easily with hardware designed to get the demanding jobs done.

• Industrial Durability: Know that your solution can reliably work beyond the desk and data center, with Dell’s Industrialized solutions that provide: Robust chassis    designs, extended environmental specifications and longer life.

• Certifications: Get to market faster with OEM industry certifications ready right out of the box for telco, military / defense, rugged, marine and more.

OEM Custom

The quickest way to bring your ideas to life – and to market.

When standard or OEM Unique offerings don’t meet your needs, make your ideas a reality with OEM custom offerings. Accelerate your ROI and be first to market by leveraging our industry expertise, secure global supply chain, distribution channels and streamlined regulatory approval processes. Your voice will guide the process from start to finish in the defining, developing and shipping of your own unique solution. Built by our OEM development team of 100+ ready to help you take your idea to market fast. We’ll tailor hardware and software customization efforts that span from custom hardware cables, PCBAs, power, thermals, branding, unique bezels, brackets, regulatory, vertical certifications and validation to software customization of BIOS settings and features, splash screen branding, boot settings, security, iDrac settings and embedded OS. 

We help you with planning, design, engineering, testing, certifications and future product planning through our team of:

• Mechanical, electrical and software engineers

• CTO and architects

• Program and project managers

• Global supply chain and procurement

• Manufacturing operations

• Customization services

Build bolder. Build better.

Discover the complete Dell Technologies OEM unique portfolio.

Dell Embedded Box PC 3000 and 5000 Series

Speed your solutions to market with quality, reliable embedded box PCs delivered in weeks, not months.

An underserved embedded industry

Do you need reliable embedded PCs, delivered quickly? Some embedded vendors substitute cheaper, unreliable components that can cause expensive downtime and impact your business reputation. Or they provide highly complex systems, difficult to aggregate. Some offer no scalability from small to large quantities, only high volume discounts. Lead times are typically measured in months or quarters, with only basic hardware warranties and no certifications of the device.

Addressing the industrial PC market

Dell now brings to embedded computers (also called industrial PCs) new ruggedized devices, Internet of Things (IoT)-ready, with broad connectivity and backed by Dell’s brand and proven heritage of business benefits:

Delivery in weeks at effective price points, with a configure-to-order approach — for orders of one, small batches or large volumes

Commercial quality standards for Dell products and suppliers to reduce risk and improve reliability

Enterprise-grade security and manageability options, to improve protection and flexibility

Global service and support, with five-year support program options, so you have peace of mind

Flexible payment options designed to help you acquire the total solution.

Ruggedized and ready to commission

Dell Embedded Box PC 3000 and 5000 are designed to MIL-STD-810G standards, building on the expertise of our rugged device engineers. They are meant to be used 24x7x365 for a long planned life, headless or with keyboard, mouse and monitor. Dell Embedded Box PCs are ruggedized, fanless, highly reliable devices for a variety of use cases, including process and discrete manufacturing, fleet management, kiosks, digital signage, surveillance and automated retail solutions. Flexible, with many input/output (I/O) options, they run on powerful multi-core Intel® processors. PCI/PCIe card slots provide flexible expansion for new I/O and graphics capabilities. Form factors are optimized for VESA, DIN-rail and wall mounting and they come with regulatory, mobile, broadband and Wi-Fi certifications complete for many countries.

Right quantities

At Dell, we offer good price points on minimum order quantities of one, small batches and essentially no volume too big for our global organization. Our fully configured systems in stock deliver in weeks, not months. No need to order and store large quantities, so you lower costs of carried inventory and have less risk of technology obsolescence.

Quality and reliability

Lost availability can cause expensive downtime. Dell delivers reliability with stringent process and leading validation practices on our embedded PCs. Our advanced product reliability engineering occurs at all levels of the product prior to release and with rigorous requirements for our suppliers as well. With Dell as your OEM, you can be confident your own solutions support your brand.

End-to-End Support

With the Dell Embedded Box PC, you also get an end-to-end service solution, including Dell Deployment Services and Dell Basic Hardware Warranty that can be extended up to 5 years. Dell ProSupport with options up to 5 years are available. The Dell services solution helps your business streamline deployment and support so you can focus on innovation.

Flexible branding options and OEM

An OEM-Ready version of the Embedded PCs is available. From bezel to BIOS to packaging, your Embedded PCs can look and feel as if they were designed and built by you. Contact your account team for details on options, like additional memory, storage and embedded or other operating systems.

Extend your Internet of Things analytics and security even farther to the edge of the network. The 3000 series is compact, low power and ready for challenging field and mobile use cases.

Edge analytics for mobile and field applications

Dell Edge Gateways are intelligent devices designed to aggregate, secure, analyze and relay data from diverse sensors and equipment at the edge of the network. These gateways bridge both legacy systems and modern sensors to the internet, helping you to get business insights from the real-time, pervasive data in your machines and equipment. Headless, fanless and around 1 kg (2.2lbs), the 3000 Series is our compact gateway for challenging IoT mobile and field situations: single-application processing on manufacturing lines, cargo tracking and other truck/bus/train/marine transportation, retail kiosks, HVAC systems in building automation, managing green energy assets and more. Place them in challenging situations at the network edge.

Small footprint but big connectivity

Engineered with an industrial-grade form factor and solid-state drive, the Dell gateway can reliably run 24×7 with long life at extended temperatures. The right-sized 3000 series offers wide connectivity via Wi-fi, Bluetooth LE, optional cellular mobile broadband 3G or 4G LTE for select countries, or 10/100 Ethernet, including Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Easy on power usage

While designed for 24×7 use for many years, the new 3000. Series offers several features for reducing power usage, especially for transportation uses. By targeting I/O and single-application computing, we reduced power use in the 3000. The 3000 series offers an ignition wake pin and wake on LAN, with Power On/Standby/Hibernate when using DC power and can support power volt fluctuations down to 6 V. Wake-up events can include alarm, LAN, USB, ignition or direct ignition.

I/O and protocols targeted for use case

All models include a GPS, accelerometer and atmospheric pressure sensor for transportation and geo-referenced asset management. They also have 10/100 Ethernet and PoE. Depending on the targeted model, gateways may support wired (serial or USB) and wireless connections, like a GPIO, video/audio, CAN bus, dual Ethernet and zigbee for wireless mesh networks. Plus, all Dell gateways feature a TPM chip for hardware root of trust, secure boot, BIOS-level lock down of unused I/O ports and watchdog timer to provide device-level security.

Flexibility and manageability

Dell edge gateways are designed for the flexible manageability that IT requires. You can choose from Dell Edge Device Manager (EDM) or a third-party on-premise console such as Microsoft System Center, backed by the Dell Command Client Suite for

both Linux and Windows.

Dell Services and Support

End-to-end service solutions for the 3000 Series include Deployment Services, Base Hardware Warranty with extensions available up to 5 years, or optional ProSupport with next-day Advanced Exchange (after remote diagnosis) up to 5 years.

Other services include custom BIOS settings, OS options and factory installation of your software image. Also talk to us about custom warranties.


Specifically designed for original equipment manufacturers, an OEM-Ready version of the gateway is available, or ask us to enable a full IoT system for your specific business need. Ask us about cloud, servers, storage, networking and mobility solutions for IoT. We are experts in manageability, security, data integration, analytics and services for end-to-end IoT solutions.

Collect, analyze, relay and act on Internet of Things data at the edge of the network with this IoT gateway purpose-built for Building and Industrial Automation.

Analytics at the edge

The Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series is designed to aggregate, secure and relay data from diverse sensors and equipment. The Intel® Atom™ processor provides capacity to perform local analytics so only meaningful information is sent to the next tier, which could be another gateway, the datacenter or the cloud. This minimizes consumption of expensive network bandwidth and reduces overall solution latency.

For IT and Operations Technology

Unlike PCs and servers, the Dell Edge Gateway 5000.Series is designed for wall or DIN-rail mounting in commercial and industrial environments. Combine the gateway with Dell’s IT expertise, choice of operating system and software from our certified, operations- focused ISV partners to meet the needs of both IT and Operations Technology (OT) organizations.

Tough for many environments

Engineered with an industrial-grade form factor and fanless, solid-state design, the Dell gateway can reliably run 24×7 with long life at extended temperatures, in addition to withstanding the higher levels of humidity and dust typical of industrial environments. The Model 5100 supports an operating temperatures from -30xC to 70xC, making it perfect for use in extreme conditions such as boiler rooms or inside rooftop HVAC units.

Dell Services and Support

Dell offers a complete services solution for the Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series, including Basic Hardware Support and ProSupport with options up to 5 years to provide end-to-end hardware support throughout the product lifecycle. Plus, with our Configuration Service we can configure gateways to your specifications, including custom BIOS settings and factory installation of your software image.

Expanded I/O and communication protocols

Make the most of the equipment you already have and expand capabilities with new technologies. Connect broadly with the physical world using Dell IoT gateways, bridging both legacy systems and modern sensors to the internet. With the right physical I/O and our certified ISV middleware, you can aggregate and normalize virtually any data source, ranging from industry-standard protocols such as BACNet, Modbus and CANbus, to modern wireless mesh networks like ZigBee and 6LoWPAN.

Security built in

You can depend on Dell’s broad IT security portfolio. Dell’s gateways feature a TPM chip for hardware root of trust, secure boot and BIOS-level lockdown of unused I/O ports. Security is as much about best practices as it is features and Dell offers expertise to build security measures throughout your solution.

Flexibility and manageability

Dell IoT gateways are designed for the flexible manageability that IT requires. Ubuntu and Windows IoT customers get their choice of Dell Edge Device Manager (EDM) or a third-party on-premise console such as Microsoft System Center, backed by the Dell Command Client Suite for both Linux and Windows.

Flexible branding options or end-to-end

Specifically designed for original equipment manufacturers, an OEM-Ready version of the gateway is available or ask us to enable a full IoT system for your specific business need. Talk to us about our cloud, servers, storage, networking and mobility solutions for IoT. We are experts in manageability, security, data integration, analytics and services for end-to- end IoT solutions.

• Dell EMC award-winning PowerEdge portfolio 

– Dell EMC PowerEdge rack servers 

– Dell EMC PowerEdge tower servers 

– Dell EMC PowerEdge FX Series 

– Dell EMC PowerEdge VRTX 

– Dell EMC PowerEdge blade servers 

– Dell EMC PowerEdge C Series 

• OEM offers 

– OEM Ready for server appliance branding. 

– OEM XL for extended, managed and stable transitions. 

– OEM Industrial for compute outside the datacenter. 

– OEM Custom for accelerating your IP to market. 

• Dell Technologies’ collective force of innovative enterprise solutions

Next-generation Dell EMC PowerEdge server technologies

Dell EMC PowerEdge servers provide a scalable business architecture, intelligent automation and integrated security for your workloads from traditional applications and virtualization to cloud-native workloads. They deliver the same user experience, and the same integrated management experience across all of our servers, so you have one way to patch, manage, update, refresh and retire servers across the entire data center.

Transformation simplified.

The No. 1 platform for hyper-converged architectures is now even better. Enjoy an easy on-ramp to hybrid cloud environments with a scalable cloud foundation, designed for modern workloads and able to adapt to changing business realities.

Productivity automated.

Spend less time on routine maintenance and more time on strategic priorities with intelligent management. Enable consistent management across OS/hypervisors with agent-free architecture. Reduce support resolution times by up to 90% with embedded support assist.

Protection throughout.

Security is built deep into the hardware and firmware right from the start. In-chip automation and trust engine keeps your systems secure, and server configuration lockdown and secure system erase help PowerEdge meet NIST FIPS 140-2 cryptographic standards.

Turn "What if" into "What's Possible"

Accelerate your time to market when you leverage Dell EMC OEM expertise.

For engineering teams that prioritize performance, design and customer experience, Dell EMC OEM delivers proven, customizable Tier-1 infrastructure, so you can optimally run your IP and deliver uninterrupted performance your customers and end users expect.