Bringing Data to COVID-19

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Splunk will bring data to the world's current crisis, COVID-19.

The world has been taken a toll on this crisis, which has affected us all. We know everyone is doing their best to help stop the spread and protect the most vulnerable populations.

That is why the Splunk for Good team has built a publicly available interactive Splunk COVID-19 Dashboard that anyone can view. They have also created an application that any individual or organization can download ( and populate with their own data to help get a better understanding of the data behind the pandemic.

Splunk's COVID-19 Dashboard was made to help leaders bring data to every potential response to ensure public safety. We wish to see more partners emerge to develop additional interactive dashboards that will help analyze the data behind this coronavirus, contribute subject matter expertise on infectious diseases, and bring forward additional interesting research, ideas, and suggestions.

Our optimism is tested during difficult times, but that is exactly when we’re called on to be our best, and when data can play its most meaningful role. In the face of fear and concern, we remain positive about the power of data to help shape a better world. And in the resilience and empathy in each of us, too.


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