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Remote Work Solutions for an Urgent Situation

This pandemic is changing where and how we work—right now, and possibly for a while. Avaya can help with remote work solutions for employees and contact center agents. And once the software’s in place, we can help you start using new ways to connect and collaborate. Keep your people safe, keep your business evolving.


Be productive at home with Avaya's collab solution by making the most out of Avaya’s technology. Easy setup and comfortable space will ensure you can work efficiently. No need to spend time getting ready or preparing, just work on the spot wherever you feel is comfortable. With Avaya's collab solution you can work anywhere and still produce quality work.

Whatever you’re working on, we can help you build it and get it to market faster than you can on your own.


Let us show you how.

Stay Connected. Avaya is Here to Help.

Avaya’s goal is to create positive change in the world through their business technology-- even when things aren’t business as usual. As worldwide concern over COVID-19 (coronavirus) intensifies, we’re providing essential services in whatever way we can for those who need them most.

Right now, this means organizations in the education and nonprofit sectors that need to seamlessly connect, share and communicate, be it for online learning or responding as frontline defense.