Avaya research indicates about 1 out of every 3 full-time workers prefer to use a headset when communicating at work. Using the right professional grade headset can significantly improve the communications experience—both for your employees and your customers.

There are two primary reasons why employees like to use headsets— to improve their audio experience and to increase their productivity. 

Using a headset can significantly improve the communication experience for both the employee and for customers on the other end of the call. A headset can improve audio consistency due to the microphone always staying in the same position as the employee moves their head and speaks. If the environment has noise, the headset microphone can significantly filter out the background sounds so that the audio of the person talking is clearer. Use of a binaural headset (covering both ears) can also reduce distracting background noise—enabling the employee to better concentrate and listen to what is being said.

Using a headset can also increase productivity since both hands remain free to use a computer, make notes, handle documents, etc. Some studies suggest that employee productivity can be increased by over 40%. In addition, the use of a headset can improve posture and reduce back pain and fatigue caused by cradling a phone handset on the shoulder—so that employees will always feel their best when handling that important customer issue.


Optimized for multimedia and communications, our headsets not only offer features that help our customers be more productive but also be safe—thanks to Avaya patented AcousticEdgeTM technology—now you can worry less about spending long hours engaging with others.